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As part of USAC's efforts to connect staff across campus, several affinity groups were set up around areas that staff identified in a 2011 survey, and have since been adjusted due to changing needs and interest. Affinity groups sponsor programs and meetings throughout the year, and each has a listserv/email list where anyone can share information and resources. All faculty and staff members are invited to participate in any affinity group events and/or join their listserv or email distribution.

In 2017, it was decided that USAC will continue to act as a support and resource for Affinity Groups as Staff Interest Groups but would no longer serve as the organizing body for them. USAC encourages staff to seek ways to gather around shared interests in conjunction with their employment and will continue to support established affinity groups by listing contact information on the USAC website, helping promote group events and initatives, and providing a small amount of funding to established groups for programs that are open to all staff. 

Groups can formally establish themselves by submitting a purpose statement, signatures of at least ten (10) members, creating and maintaining a listserv or email distribution, allowing for a representative to be listed as a contact on the USAC website, and submitting a year-end report. 

USAC will provide funding for established groups to support a meeting, event, speaker, program, etc. that will be open to the campus community. Funding will be provided through an application process. Following completetion of the application, funding will be determinded by USAC at the monthly meeting following submission. Upon approval, funding will be provided for approved expenditures by reimbursement. The total available funds for FY18 is under review by USAC leaders and Human Resources. Applications are currently being accepted for up to $100 per event. Applications can be submitted to the Secretary/Treasurer, Amy Gallagher, at for review by the council.

For more detailed information, please contact a member of the Executive Committee or

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