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Women & Leadership Reading Group

Funds for this group have been provided by Common Ground, Human Resources, and Jepson School of Leadership Studies.

This group aims to provide a forum for faculty and staff to share interests and encourage discussion about recent scholarship and popular writings about women and leadership, with a special focus on higher education. Coffee and light breakfast treats will be provided for morning meeting times, dessert and drinks for lunchtime meetings. Please feel free to bring your own lunch. This group is also open to faculty and staff of all gender identifications.

Discussions will focus on artists and/or book chapters, podcasts, or videos related to the topic. Initially, Crystal and Elizabeth will pick the materials for discussion and facilitate. However as the group starts to meet regularly, a more democratic method of determining the readings and leading discussions will be established. Because the readings will be relatively short and different for each meeting, attendees are not required to join every meeting in succession. That is, if someone can come to a meeting in September and not again until January, they are very welcome to do so.

All readings are accessible at A selection of future readings with brief descriptions is available in the Box folder, along with a survey for feedback on what topics are most appealing. Please take a look at the articles and fill out the survey! Also, if you have suggestions for readings (which can consist of articles, chapters, podcasts, videos, etc.), please send them to Crystal and Elizabeth.

Fall 2017 Meeting Dates

  • Wednesday, September 20, 8am, Jepson Lounge
  • Monday, October 23, noon, location TBD
  • Thursday, November 9, noon, location TBD

Group Organizers

Crystal Hoyt
Professor of Leadership Studies and Psychology
Jepson School of Leadership Studies

Elizabeth Schlatter
Deputy Director and Curator of Exhibitions
University Museums