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Council Committees

The University Staff Advisory Council Bylaws provide for the establishment of standing committees and the creation of ad hoc committees as needed. Below are the membership lists for those committees and the committee charge for the 2017-18 session.

Additionally, we are asked, from time to time, to provide nominations and appointments to various University-wide committees. In this section, are membership lists for USAC committees and staff representatives selected for some University administrative committees and initiatives.

Communications Committee, consisting of a Chair and at least two additional council members with at least one (1) from each election cycle. This committee leads the Council's operations in communicating internally and to staff across campus via email, our website, social media, and print.

Elections Committee, consisting of at least five (5) council members with at least one (1) member from each election year cycle, and including one Executive Board member. The Elections Committee runs the annual election process for USAC membership.

Workplace Environment Committee, consisting of at least three (3) council members with at least one (1) member from each election year cycle, will respond to and/or refer University staff’s anonymous website submissions and report to USAC at each monthly meeting. Note: Identifying information from each web submission is removed before being sent to the committee for review and comment.

Volunteer and Engagement Coordinator will coordinate the Council's volunteer roles and evaluate and respond to invitations for USAC to participate in campus outreach events.

Interested in Serving?

USAC welcomes the involvement of all staff on committees. Please email if you'd like to serve. Elected membership to USAC is not a requirement.