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University Committees and Initiatives

USAC is often called upon for staff nominations to University committees. If you would like to be considered to serve in this capacity, contact the chair of the Elections and Nominations Committee. Below is a listing of staff who have been selected to serve on campuswide committees where USAC has either submitted nomination slates or selected a representative.

President's Advisory Committee

President Crutcher appointed two staff members from nominations provided by USAC to serve on his President's Advisory Council.

  • Ashleigh Brock, ’05, Executive Assistant to the President
  • Brittany Schaal, GC’16, Director of Emergency Management, USAC
Provost Search Committee
Nominations were submitted by USAC to the Office of the President for the national search for the Provost. The staff person chosen for the committee was Sylvia Gale, Director of the Bonner Center for Civic Engagement.
Fringe Benefits Committee

In fall 2016, four staff members were chosen by Dave Hale to serve a three-year term on the newly formed University Fringe Benefits Committee. This committee is an administrative advisory committee. Staff representatives are:

    •    Matthew Barany, Athletics

    •    Austin Leach, University Facilities

    •    Rhonda Lambert Parson, Office of Foundation, Corporate and Government Relations

    •    Leslie Stevenson, Office of Alumni and Career Services

Planning and Priorities Committee

The Planning and Priorities Committee (P&P) assists in shaping institutional priorities and in establishing the direction of resource allocation, reviews university priorities and the University's financial position, and makes recommendations to the President regarding the budget.

Originally two staff members were elected by University Staff Advisory Council (USAC) for three-year terms. However, beginning in fall 2018, one additional staff seat was added to P&P, increasing staff representation to three seats.

Our current staff representatives are:

  • Roger Mancastroppa, Academic Skills Center (2015–18)
  • Amy Gallagher, Office of Annual Giving (2017–19)

With the addition of our third staff seat, we have taken a division-represented model, as outlined here:

  • Academic Affairs: Roger Mancastroppa, Academic Skills Center (2015–18)
  • Business Affairs: Amy Gallagher, Office of Annual Giving (2017–19)
  • At Large*: To be elected in May 2018 (2018–20)

USAC will solicit nominations in April 2018 and hold elections in May 2018 to fill the Academic Affairs soon-to-be-vacant seat as well as the new, third At Large seat.

*The first At Large seat will be a shortened “limited term” (2018–20), so that one staff seat rolls off annually.

Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

In the fall of 2016, four staff members were chosen by the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) co-chairs to serve on the QEP Steering and Selection Working Group committees. The QEP Development Working Group – The membership of this committee will be large, involving approximately ten faculty members, staff representatives from any and all relevant areas, and multiple student members. 

Strategic Plan Steering Committee

President Ronald A. Crutcher appointed two staff members to serve on the steering committee for the strategic plan from a slate of nominations from USAC:

    •    Ashleigh Brock, '05, Executive Assistant to the President

    •    Adrienne Piazza, Bonner Center for Civic Engagement

Strategic Plan Working Groups

University staff are currently also serving on the four working groups focusing on each theme of the Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan site contains more about those groups and their membership.

Athletic Director Search Committee

USAC was solicited for staff members to serve on the search committee for the next University Athletic Director.