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Make a Web Submission to USAC

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and ideas with USAC

USAC is comprised of volunteers who care deeply about staff and advocating for staff concerns to University leadership.  Please be considerate and respectful in your submissions. We will work to address issues as quickly as possible.  If you need an immediate response, please consider contacting your USAC representative directly.

Authentication is required to make a web submission, however it is not visible with your submission.  If you choose to include your email on the submission form, it will only be viewed by the USAC Chair and Vice Chair before it will be redacted from all communication.  If the USAC officers need further clarification, they may reach out to you. Your email will not be included in USAC meetings or minutes or shared with any departments.

USAC reserves the right to paraphrase the question in order to solicit the best response.

  1. If you have a question about benefits or compensation please contact Human Resources.
  2. If you would like to report a possible ethical or compliance concern, please contact the University's compliance helpline at (804) 287-1800 or use their online reporting form.
  3. The purpose of the Council is not to replace or duplicate existing committees or procedures, such as the Staff Grievance Procedure. In the event that issues outside of the jurisdiction of the Council are raised, the originator will be directed to the appropriate office when contact information is provided. If no contact information is provided, the Council may not be able to respond to the submission.
  4. Please reference the University’s Policy Prohibiting Retaliation.
  5. All staff who use this form will be held to the standards detailed in the University of Richmond’s Code of Organizational Ethics and Integrity. The anonymity of individuals who submit something that violates these standards will not be protected.
  6. For question/suggestion submissions, including your name and contact information is optional. If you do not feel comfortable using this form, please consider contacting the Compliance Office.