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Affinity Groups Evaluation Committee Charge

The committee will evaluate our University’s affinity groups in order to align them strategically to faculty and staff needs and position them to thrive. This committee is charged with a thorough review of affinity group programs, operations, and budgets. They will work to develop a strategic plan for affinity groups that will ensure long-term success and regular evaluation of faculty and staff needs.

By the nature of its work, the group will be charged to meet with current affinity group co-chairs, research peer institution efforts, and engage with current staff and faculty where areas of interest exist.

Specifically, this group will:

  1. Evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to existing four affinity groups;
  2. Assess staff and faculty needs around affinity group programming through surveys and other appropriate instruments;
  3. Meet with potential faculty-staff interest groups (i.e. Sustainability, Connecting Women of Color, Women and Leadership Reading Group)
  4. Assess the current communications tools and potential communications tools available to build connections among staff and faculty around areas of common interest;
  5. Explore options for the creation of affinity group(s) or strategic partnerships around staff and faculty interests;
  6. Determine whether the current funding needs are met through USAC budgets or whether a different mechanism is appropriate;
  7. Evaluate and recommend the optimal structure and support of affinity groups;
  8. Develop a strategic plan for the long-term success and expansion of affinity group programming at the University.

The committee will operate between September 2015 and April 2016. By April 12, 2016, the committee will submit its final report to the Council with its strategic plan and recommendations for affinity group programming operations.


Matt Barany, chair, current USAC member

Audrey Coulbourn, Human Resources

Cynthia McMillian, current USAC member, Rec & Wellness

Adrienne Piazza, former USAC chair, Center for Civic Engagement

Ex officio members:

Gina Flanagan, USAC affinity groups chair