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Representative Study Committee Charge

The committee will design and coordinate implementation of a new selection model that ensures diverse representation from among UR’s staff divisions (Academic Affairs, Advancement, Athletics, Business & Finance, Chaplaincy, Communications, Enrollment Management, Information Services, and Student Development). In execution of that charge, this committee will develop, propose, and implement a division-based model that ensures reliable, diverse representation from each division’s staff.

By the nature of its work, the group will be charged to meet with appropriate campus stakeholders who are critical to successfully implementing the staff advisory council’s vision of sustainably and consistently including a wide array of staff voices at Council meetings.

The committee will focus on the representative model during Fall 2015, and in phase two consider and research recommendations for term lengths of council members and executive board leaders that would ensure continuity of operations and allow for the goals and vision of the Council to be carried out long-term.

Specifically, this group will:

  1. Design and implement a division-based elections model for University Staff Advisory Council representatives;
  2. Study and develop recommendations concerning term lengths for Council members and executive leadership;
  3. Draft needed proposals to update the Bylaws of the University Staff Advisory Council;
  4. Provide a framework and timeline for implementation of the new system pending Council approval (and Trustee approval if needed);
  5. Work closely with the USAC Parliamentarian and the Elections Committee to develop a seamless implementation of changes.

The first meeting of the representative study committee will meet September 9, 2015. The committee will operate between September 2015 and August 2016. By November 1, 2015, the committee will report a list of actionable recommendations to the University Staff Advisory Council regarding elections.

Paul Brockwell, co-chair, current USAC chair, Communications
Tim Meacham, co-chair, former USAC parliamentarian, UR Police
Patrick Benner, current USAC member, Richmond College
Andy Gurka, former USAC vice chair, Living-Learning and Roadmap Programs
Lisa Miles, former USAC parliamentarian, Common Ground
Nancy Propst, USAC secretary, School of Arts & Sciences
Susie Reid, former USAC chair, Facilities
Cindy Stearns, current USAC member, Dining Services

Ex officio members:
Sonia Phung, USAC parliamentarian
Leigh McCullar, Human Resources, VP of Business and Finance designee